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Miss Piggy: Holly Rowe

Holly Rowe, Miss PiggyHolly Rowe is a sweet bubbly person, but generally her style of sideline coverage does not add anything to the game. Instead of giving us insight into what the offense is doing, or why a player is an excellent middle linebacker, she chooses to focus on the human drama of the players. And she does have an uncanny resemblance to Miss Piggy.

Why She is The Ugly:
"My goal is for the fans to remember a great game with interesting stories." Holly Rowe, Miss Piggy Holly Rowe.
How about wanting us to remember a game for the great game we watched?

At USC-Texas 2006 Rose Bowl (the National Championship Game) when concluding her interview with USC quarterback Matt Leinart, Holly said to Leinart, "Thanks, Vince." Vince Young was the quarterback for Texas during the game.

Can she improve?
Yes, because she is smart. Applying that intelligence in a different direction, i.e., less soap opera talk, more sports insight; or at least combine them in ways that shows insight into the game, which she can do. Case in point, at this years USC-Arkansas game, Rowe pointed out how Arkansas back-up QB Mitch Mustain received the cold shoulder from the other Razorback QB's when he returned to the sideline after leading Arkansas on a TD drive; she contrasted that with how USC QB's were treating each to high fives when they went to the bench -- nice insight and a fresh one at that. If she focuses less of the "search for the interesting story" and more on the sport in the story, then Holly's stock could rise. Besides, we all really do love the character of Miss Piggy after all.

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