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Welcome to - SportsCasterReview exists because a growing number of sports fans are tired of watching our favorite sports be ruined by sports casters who forget the reason we tune: we are there to watch the game.

We turn on EPSN, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, TNT or CSTV to watch our favorite teams, not hear our favorite sportscaster, we tune in to watch the game, and if we are lucky -- listen to the game, not listen to praddle intended to create drama.

Sporting events have inherit drama, that is why we enjoy watching games andKeith Jackson, The Best SportsCaster for drama of the unknown, with competition being the field that the drama plays itself out on. The drama is not the storytelling of the announcer; a good announcers role is to help heighten the drama, to help us see and understand what is happening on the field, rather then create the drama with their words and stories. Keith Jackson is an example of a great announcer, his view on the game was, "Amplify, clarify and punctuate and let the viewer draw his or her own conclusion." Amen brother. And amen to sportscasters like Keith Jackson.

SCR's reviews will focus on amateur athletics where the players are young people; students at America's colleges and universities who also happen to play sports. These players are not paid professional athletes and thus they deserve a higher caliber and degree of sportscaster, announcers that are referential and considerate, as opposed to disrespectful and offensive. At the amateur and collegiate level can have the biggest impact on changing the tone of sports commentary. So enjoy our site and enjoy the games, and remember, it is all about the game.